Thursday, April 20, 2017

everyone profits except the poor people who are involved

It can never be understated the financial devastation(and that is not too strong a word) that divorce causes.  There are so many people/business that profit from a family splitting up, it seems everyone profits except the poor people who are involved in the situation and suffering the worst.

When  I have had this discussion before the first thing people jump on is the lawyers.  I have no issues with the job they do, they are there to insure that everything is done civilly and that no one gets taken advantage of.  So, this is article is not to beat up on lawyers.  I don’t hate them, and I don’t love them, they do their jobs as required.  The less I see of them the better and it is for me and my pocket book.  If your spend thousands of dollars on a divorce lawyer that is not their fault, that is yours.

As the family is dissolved the expenses go up and suddenly you need two of everything.  A family together has 1 home phone, 1 cable bill, 1 electric bill, 1 heating bill, has 1 bank account, 1 home insurance policy, pays 1 property tax bill. The one or two incomes coming into the one house pays for all this.

When a family splits up usually the one home is sold and two homes are bought.  Now the income pool is still exactly the same, but it is now paying for 2 home phone, 2 cable bill, 2 electric bill, 2 heating bill, pays fees for 2 bank account, 2 home insurance policy, pays 2 property tax bills, 2 mortgages, furniture for 2 houses…….. see where I am going for this?

So many companies that would normally sell their goods/services to one family now get to sell to two.  Parents feed into this as well because I know when I started out on my own that if they kids had something at Mom’s I had to have it at my place.

So the expenses have doubled, the income has not. And this is something that unless the Lotto God’s smile on you that you will never recover from.

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